March 21, 2010

updates updates updates!

Forgive the tardy posts - I wrote most of the blog entries on my cell phone in Haiti/DR, but didn't get around to posting them. I assure you, the editing was only for grammar and spell-checking, the content is totally unadulterated ;)

Also, photos of the whole hoopla (mine and everyone else's) can be found here:

Thanks to JG, MP, EF, MC, JE, RB and all the SODOPRECA, United Nations, Bolivians, and translators that helped our work in Haiti.

All in all, our efforts were not in vain - we treated 129 animals in 6 days (64 dogs, 14 cats, 3 pigs, 5 sheep, 8 chicken, 33 goats, 1 horse and 1 donkey) in 10 locations around Haiti including the Mexican camp tent city, the Bolivia UN base (Camp Charlie), a Port-au-Prince orphanage (via Bolivia), a chicken farm in Jacumel, the Lilavois 23 barrio, and everywhere in between.

March 2, 2010

still shaking....

It's been weird to be back in NYC post-Haiti. I don't really want to talk about what happened, but at the same time, everyone is asking me what it was like. Here's a quick review:

How was it?
It was hot, humid, dry, sad, depressing, and dirty.

What did you do?
We mostly gave a lot of medications to as many animals as possible.

Were you scared?
No, but I probably should have been.

Would you go back?
Yes but they don't really want us.

What was the worst part of it?
Having to jump through bureaucratic hoops to help people and animals.

What was the best part of it?
Meeting people from all over the world who wanted to help the people (and animals) of Haiti because it was the right thing to do.