November 19, 2009

"Rosario or Bust"

I love the Argentinean gas stations/rest stops – they are like little mini-malls in the middle of nowhere. Some bathrooms are cleaner than others, but many are surprisingly cleaner than those in the States. For a peso (about $0.27), the gas pump guys will scrub the dead bugs off the windshield, and you can have café and pastries inside, at the Argentinean version of Starbucks. There are usually a few fat lazy dogs sleeping outside the store, and occasionally they lift their heads when you step over them.

After lunch in B.A., we are off for a weekend trip to Cordoba. Our first stop is Rosario – the half way point between B.A. and Cordoba. Tonight, we’ll meet up with friends for dinner (probably at 1:00am... when I'm more tired than hungry!)

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