November 29, 2009

off again!!!

It literally seems that I JUST unpacked all of my bags and did a million pounds of laundry. But I’m off to warmer climates again, and have an AWESOME brother (to whom I send a huge, blogger shout out) who got me to the airport at 7am. Since my phone/internet/data service will be somewhat sketchy when I get to the Dominican Republic this afternoon, I’ve been in the Miami airport scrambling to type, text, and call as much as I can!

I have traveled more in this past year than I have in my entire life – following my inaugural trip to Argentina, I am (finally) going to the Animal Balance campaign in the Dominican Republic, followed by my 3rd trip to Ecuador. Amazingly, I packed over 3 weeks’ worth of clothes into 2 bags – so laundry will be an event when I get home!

i also was very impressed with my packing skills (and i remembered bug spray!) - i found this awesome packing website that i was a bit skeptical about, but am now a believer! i packed 3 weeks worth of stuff into 1 bag!!! (plus a backpack/purse, but only one big cumbersome luggage bag). it's called, check them out here

so far, the trip has been a success! check back with me tomorrow to find out what i forgot to pack ;-)

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