November 23, 2009

Technology Withdrawal

I had NO internet or phone access for over 3 days! I was in complete technological withdrawal! but it was sooooo worth every second - I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Luz y Fuerte Resort in Cordoba with over 400 people - about 6 of whom spoke english!!!! even if there was internet/phone access, my brain would have been way too tired to use it!!!!

on Sunday, I visited los Terrones in Cordoba, which is apparently the Argentinean equivalent of Roswell, New Mexico. the only alien creatures i saw were the 2 guys in the gift shop who refused to let me on the trail in my flip flops. so i had to give them 12 pesos to rent me a pair of nasty sneakers (i don't even want to THINK about where they've been or who's worn them) so i could hike up the "alien trails". after about 30 minutes and numerous near-death falls, we reached the midway part of the trail, stopped for pictures and then stumbled DOWN the rocks and back to the car.

so the story with los Terrones (aside from making money off tourists with bad shoes) is that aliens landed there and "live" in the strange rock formations in the canyons. below are some photos of los Terrones - more can be found here - and yes, Alex did climb the whole thing in his swim suit.

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