December 1, 2009


the weather in NYC today - 44 F
the weather in DR today - 84 F

what a beautiful difference ;-)

i am ridiculously tired from the clinic today - but will have pictures soon, I missed the first day of the AB clinic in Cabrera – as of Tuesday, everyone had been divided into 3 teams (red, white and blue… how symbolic ;-). As technicians are always scarce on these trips, I won’t have much of a chance to work with LP (the other AB tech), but it IS work – at least during the day. Hopefully we will all have a chance to socialize after work and after the clinic.

My team consisted of 10 people: 2 veterinarians (Drs. LS and KT), an assistant (CD), 2 volunteers in recovery/post-op, MW on (surgical) instruments ;-), and the other volunteers at the door. I have never worked with any of these people before, but had met MW for dinner while working in St Louis at the dog-fighting rescue, and had spoken to LS on the phone numerous times. I was incredibly impressed by everyone’s awesome attitude and skills – we eventually got into a groove such that one would think we had worked together for years. After many hours in the hot Cabrera gymnasium, we spayed 23 dogs and 2 cats, and neutered 6 dogs – 31 surgeries in less than 6 hours. Go White Team!!

After the clinic, I got to see a bit of the island, as B and I went for a walk to Orchid Beach. I was under the impression it was a brief, 3-4 minute walk from the hotel, but it was actually about a 20 minute hike through DR-jungle brush and up and down steep rocks. It was quite worth it though, as Orchid Beach was a beautiful, peaceful swimming hole, and the water was BEAUTIFUL! Much warmer than I’m used to (what is the Hudson River this time of year?? 40 degrees??) and very clear. There was a full moon that *almost* made it unnecessary to use head lamps on the walk/hike back. Everyone is either at dinner or wandering around. Since I’ve never been here before, and I’m not even sure where “town” is, I’m spending the night on my computer and eating tuna fish on the hotel porch. Now if I can get some of this last minute homework done, it will have been a good day :-)

wish you were here....

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