December 8, 2009

hasta luego

Yesterday, the majority of the teams had left for the airports, so only the “Colorado crew” and a few others remained. I went to two local beaches with KT, PB, J and D – one in La Entrada and the other near Abreu (two locations where we held clinics). The beaches were beautiful, the water was awesome, and the experience was awesome, aside from the 40 minute trek between beaches. People lose a sense of time and space in places like this. “Oh, it’s only about 10 minutes” is actually more like 2 hours and a million kilometers! So by the end, I was exhausted, inhaled a spaghetti dinner from the Italian/Dominican restaurant (most of which I shared with the restaurant cat, Pelusa) and passed out in bed. Most people went out to celebrate our clinic success – 407 surgeries in 6 days at 3 locations with 6 vets. 126 of those were from the White team, of which I was very proud (and grateful they put up with my daily meltdowns)

Today, the Colorado crew (LP, S, J & D, KT and PB), LS, AN and I took a guay-guay (Dominican taxi) to Santo Dominigo (where we were all flying out of tomorrow). We stayed at an awesome hotel in the historic part of town, and spent the evening walking around the shops and having dinner. Tomorrow, we are all leaving for the airport – most people headed for Miami then Colorado and elsewhere; I’m leaving for Quito and off on the 2nd leg of my adventure in Ecuador and the Galapagos.

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