December 5, 2009

thank you VREC

yesterday was the last day at La Entrada - the White team officially completed 126 surgeries in 4 days (our goal - my goal - was 125 ;-)

we had a puppy crash in recovery, and after about 2 seconds of panic, my emergency skills came back to me (many thanks to the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center for beating crash cart skills into me on those long overnights. we had a heart rate intermittently for about 30 seconds off and on, but after about 5 minutes of CPR, the heart started beating again. unfortunately, the poor dog never regained consciousness, and wailed for the next 18 hours. i was pretty pissed that there was such a huge debate over the puppy - the veterinary team had one opinion and everyone else had another. ultimately, we decided to give it overnight to see what would improve (if anything). so one poor vet spent the whole night with the wailing dog (and a valium CRI for two ;-) but as of this morning, no change. euthanasia was the humane thing to do, but it was upsetting to have such a huge debate about it. so if i am ever on life support, i request that only qualified medical professionals make decisions about my quality of life (sorry everyone else - i know you totally don't want to pull the plug ;-)

after cleaning/organizing/packing up the clinic in Cabrera, i took a much needed nap and then did some work on my toxicology homework (yeah...i'm still in grad school... almost forgot about that!!!!) supposedly there is a "surprise" party tonight, so we'll see what comes of that.

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