December 2, 2009

what day is it?

i am BEYOND tired and don't remember the last time i was so dirty after work - i think i will have to burn those scrubs - i don't even want to bring them into the hotel room!!

today was good - we started the clinic in Cabrera at 7am, spayed/neutered 39 cats and dogs, and were done by 6pm. we had an adorable little boy (probably 8 or 9) come to the clinic with his 7 month old cat. he waited all day for the cat to have surgery and recover - rumor is that his mom let him take the day off from school to go to the vet clinic with "Tom" ;-)

most of the kids that visit the clinic have to be told to stay away from the surgery tables, not to touch the animals in recovery, don't climb on the desks, etc etc etc. this little kid was adorable - he watched Tom fall asleep after getting anesthesia, helped me prep him for surgery, and watched the neuter surgery. CD (the other tech on the white team - why they gave us that name i don't know!!) speaks fluent spanish with an awesome NOO YOAK accent, and she translated all of the information about the surgery. he then helped the recovery team care for Tom post-op, and picked out a new cat collar for him before taking him home. it is things like that which remind me why i do this - why i work long days in hot, stuffy gyms half-way around the world, to the point of exhaustion, so i don't even know what day it is. i was informed at dinner that it is actually Wednesday and the DR is an hour ahead of the east coast... the one thing i forgot to pack?? my watch!!!! no matter though... time stands still in a place like this

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