February 24, 2010

Car problems??

We seem to have an unending supply of car difficulties... the rental car/pickup truck from the D.R. seems to have "issues" that can only be remedied by an elite handful of Haitian mechanics between the hours of 8am and 8pm. After several minutes of stupid questions and subsequent translations, it seems that the pump jockey put gasoline in the diesel engine, and thus, we have had issues for the last few days. I'm not very car savvy but I didn't see any completely obvious problems - but would think that an issue we SHOULD have would be a tire flat/blowout/etc. Regardless, we are riding MP to get the thing fixed early, since we have a day trip to Jacumel tomorrow - a city on the south coast of Haiti that was almost 80% destroyed by the earthquake. So let's hope the automotive fairy leaves an oil filter under our pillow tonight....

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