February 23, 2010

*Graphic Disclaimer* Eyeball Surgery

Tonight was the first night here that I stayed up past 9pm. We stopped by the hit-by-car dog's house to pick her up in our (now empty) crate. Arrived at camp just as the sun dipped below the horizon, and we were presented with the challenge of performing surgery in the dark. And without clippers. Or a proper surgery table. And it's why I love working over seas :)

The cast iron breakfast/lunch/dinner table became a surgical suite, a construction lamp and truck headlights provided illumination, a tree branch became an IV pole. MC is beyond adaptable, and managed to do surgery while sitting down in a half-broken chair at the tilted table. The dog, who was named Jackie (as in "One-Eyed-Jack") was unbelievably cooperative, and hardly flinched when we started slowly cleaning the film of dust and dirt off her humongous proptosed eye ball. MC enucleated the eye in all of 3 minutes, and then subsequently discovered several broken teeth on Jackie's right side. Graphic photos below:

Pre-Surgical Exam (on home-made exam table)
JG & P prep lights and supplies

Getting supplies from the supply suitcases

JE has total control of the IV fluid situation
It takes a group to prep for surgery

The End

When all was said and done, Jackie was resting comfortably in her recovery crate with lots of pain meds to keep her happy overnight. She was positioned between JG and my tent and MP's tent, so we would certainly hear if there was a problem overnight. Late night eye ball surgery can get you mighty hungry. That's why we're grateful for Ramon and the Dominican mobile kitchens... pasta on demand, 24/7!

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