February 26, 2010

Como se dice "F You" en Creole?

Everyone is cranky. There is obvious tension running through the camp. I keep telling myself it's not my fault, responsibility or problem, but it sucks that my friends (old and new) are cranky, angry and bickering. I've tried to just stay out of the way. They seem to be having fun in their own little clic, so I've just left them be. Besides, I'm too pale to sit in the back of the truck without 1,000 SPF sunscreen, and someone has to keep an eye on MP - not like I could control him if needed. I can't even drive stick (*note to self* learn how to do that)

Adding to the stress and stuff we don't talk about is MP girlfriend and her midnight screams. I swear it is like someone is dragging fingernails down my spine when I hear that - it is an inhuman sound, and is apparently the soundtrack to the Haiti disaster 2010.

The b*tch from the World Food Programme said to go back Friday morning to check on flights back to DR, so we went there first thing today - even though they said the lists wouldn't be ready until noon - everyone wanted to go, so I just shut my mouth and got in the truck. And there was no list at the airport - they said come back at noon. There was a party of some sort at the UN headquarters (I think the president of Brazil is there?) and there was a ridiculous, American showing of buffet food. MC found some Dr. Peppers while I was looking for soda at the army grocery. He said he saved one for me, but when I got back, they were all gone. I think Geraldo Luis took mine - he's probably never had one in his whole life, so I hope he enjoyed it.

I'm just generally tired and cranky, and am trying to keep my mouth shut at everyone's comments and suggestions.
No - we can't drive any faster. The roads are f-ed up and that's how we have to drive.
Yes - we have to wait until they fix the truck. I don't know why but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Unless you have a mechanic degree we don't know about, sit down with the rest of us and wait.
No - I don't know what's happening with MP. I'm just trying to survive the rest of the week.
No - I don't know what's over there.
No - I don't care what the Canadians are doing.
No - there are no flights on Sunday. I don't know why, but we have to deal.
Like CK said, I can do anything for a week.

We went back to Lilavois 23 this morning and treated a bunch of animals - dogs, cats, sheep, chickens and even a horse (or mule. Or donkey. I don't remember). This has been an eye ball themed trip - we saw 2 dogs with eye injuries (Jackie and a healed over eye wound on a dog yesterday) and now a chicken with one eye(supposedly from a "fight" - accidental?). There was an absolutely adorable dog named Emma that followed us around and helped MC "examine" the animals.) RB finally had to restrain her to keep her from licking the cats and chickens. There were a lot of children today, and it's crazy to see them running around the rubble with no shoes, ripped clothes, and not a care in the world. I hope they can overcome the current situation and perhaps be the solution their country needs. It's crazy how the Haitian people seem to just get over it. They aren't screaming or wailing or even complaining - life just goes on.

After that, went back to the airport and checked the flight manifest. Everyone was on the first flight, and of course, I was on the second. I really don't care - I pretended to care and asked if I could be moved onto the first flight, but wasn't surprised when they said no. It will be nice to have Haiti all to myself for a few hours without the tension.

We're headed over to Camp Charlie to try and catch the dog one more time. MP will not be allowed to touch the rabies pole this time.

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