February 23, 2010

what after shock??

Last night I slept through a 4.5 earthquake after shock. Yup. Slept straight through it. I also woke up to find a cat had been dropped off at our camp early that morning (before 7am? Seriously?) by some officers from the Bolivian UN camp. Apparently I was considered "in charge" and handed the responsibility of treating it. I didn't even have my glasses on yet, but stumbled out of the tent to see what was what.

According to translation, the cat belonged to an orphanage nearby, and had either been bit by a dog or hit by a car - either of which ripped his tail clean off his body. Well, not really "clean", since he had a few bony, crusty vertebrae sticking out of a huge hole in his bum. Somehow, the Bolivian army found out and brought the cat to Sonapi to have us look at it.

The cat was shocky and beyond pale, so without the vets there to treat him, I did the next best thing - subcutaneous fluids, vitamins, and parasite treatments with a large heaping dose of hope. We're off to the airport (again, 3 miles but probably an hour drive) to pick up MC, JE and RB - hopefully one of the 2 vets will be able to put him back together again.

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