February 26, 2010

to tent... or not to tent...

The Bolivians seem way more upset about the earthquake than the Haitian people I've met. The only one who shows even the slightest bit of trauma is MP girlfriend, but even she acts as if in the daytime - I don't think she's aware or conscious of her late night PTSD issues. The people just put up tents and construct shelters anywhere and everywhere - sometimes right up against the ruins of their collapsed home.

The tent city people come from 2 groups - those who lost their homes, and those who are afraid to. Many people elected to live in tents for fear that another earthquake (or aftershock) might hit and kill them too. And from the looks of it, you know people are still buried under all the destruction. They are long dead and may never be discovered. Especially since there isn't a huge effort now to dig or move rocks. Everyone has food and water, so life goes on. Right on top of the disaster.

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