January 26, 2010

Conquering fears one wave at a time

Last night we went for MUCH NEEDED massages at the hotel spa then dinner on the beach. I wish I had a photo (or even better, a VIDEO!) of this couple at the restaurant. We went back to El Timon for some awesome seafood, and there were 2 gringos "dancing" to the salsa-esque music in the restaurant. I have NEVER seen anything less sexy or as uncomfortable as these 2 people. I'm not a very talented salsa dancer, but I know it's NOT supposed to look like THAT. Downright painful. Mike swore he could see the guy counting "one two three four... one two three four" as he mechanically went through the steps.

After dinner we got ice cream from a little shop down the street and I ran with some beach dogs behind the store. I think that is probably the best pastime ever - beach dogs are a breed in-and-of themselves, and I think if I had to be a dog, I would want to be a beach dog too. Aside from the sand fleas and transmissible venereal tumors, beach dogs have it made. They are skinny, homeless and itchy, but they have so much fun playing in the sand, barking at the waves, chasing coconuts and getting scraps from the beach goers.

Today we went SURFING!! After breaking my back on a surf board in 2005, I have not tried to surf again. Obviously, I don't surf WELL or else I wouldn't have broken my back in the first place. But the waves off Long Island are different than those off the coast of Nicaragua, so I figured a lesson (with a semi-English speaking teacher) couldn't hurt. Surfing (actually, falling and injuring myself while surfing) is one of my top 3 fears (along with primates and jellyfish) I didn't do anything crazy or exciting, but I survived almost an hour in the water and actually got up on the board once! Knowledge is power, and now I know that you don't dive under a wave with a long board ;-)

Muscles I didn't even know I had are screaming for Advil, so it's time for a nap then some dinner :-)

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