January 24, 2010

You can teach a gringa, but you can't teach 'em much....

3 more monkey surgeries today, and an interesting "incident" when I tried to give the spays from Friday (Lucy and Veronica) their morning Tramadol and banana treat. Lucy (who was previously a pet and as such, is much more affectionate than the others) was more than happy to have her narcotic banana, but Veronica flat out attacked me, bit my arm, and held on like it was her job. I managed to throw her off me before she did any real damage, but of course, there were 2 maintenance men there to watch/laugh/offer help to the gringa in the monkey pit.

The rest of the surgeries went very well, and MC pulled off a micro-spay on the baby monkey (Francesca, whose father was apparently Italian, or as the story goes...) And when you put an ER vet and a crazy, ER-trained, high-volume tech together, you get a 14 hour spay-a-thon. Today we did 5 dog spays, 2 dog neuters, 3 cat neuters AND the 3 monkey spays. We finished at about 8:30pm, but will be starting the day off on a clean slate tomorrow, with no surgeries held over.

I obviously didn't learn the monkey lesson of morning, so I went into the monkey pit AGAIN and got mauled AGAIN on the way home from dinner by Roberto. They are just so damn cute you want to cuddle them all. Well, that is a very cunning game on their part. MC was trying to look at Lucy and Veronica's incisions and I tried to give Roberto a banana (I think the bananas are just problematic to begin with). He lured me into the monkey pit and then before I knew it, I had a leg and tail wrapped around my knee and Roberto climbed up me like the mountain of a gringa that I am. No sooner did MC say "Hey, looks like you got a cling-on over there..." then Roberto went psycho-monkey on me and attacked my already bandaged arm. MC screamed in "support" - "DON'T MOVE!" and eventually Roberto jumped off my head and I ran for the wall. AGAIN there was a maintenance man there to witness the chaos. He didn't do too much damage since most of my arm was covered with bandages from this morning's incident. He bit/scratched/clawed at my other arm and left a nice bruise there.

Off to wrap my monkey bites... pictures tomorrow after everyone is done laughing at me ;-)

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