January 27, 2010

I ask for so little.... (maybe an elevator??)

After a very restful night of sleep (Lo siento to MC for locking him out of the house last night - but he should have knocked louder ;-) we had a brief breakfast at the corner pastry shop and did a bit of shopping in downtown San Juan del Sur. We met up with Katie at 11 to go sailing.

I have never been sailing before (been on lots of boats, but usually motorized ones) and I was NOT excited to go once I saw the rest of our "crew" - remember my thoughts on ignorant gringos? Welcome aboard the S.S. Obnoxiousness, packed full of drunk, whorish 20-somethings from Canada and Australia.

The ONLY good thing about the trip (from my perspective) was the sea turtle sighting about 30 minutes from port. I think MC enjoyed meeting the Washington state boys en route to India for a pimped out TukTuk race (which I think is a future WV trip in the making??). And KH just enjoyed getting back on dry land (after a few hours of vomiting... poor girl :-( boat sickness sucks)

Thank god the "sunset" tour turned into a 3 hour out-and-back fight with nasty winds, and we were on dry land by 2pm. After regaining our balance on dry land, we went back to Stones & Waves (to check on the monkeys... again... and they were fine... again) and then climbed those god-forsaken steps once again.

Have I mentioned the steps? We are at the best casa in all of Las Piedras y Olas, however, it is about a 15min hike up the winding resort stairs. The whole thing is built into the side of a mountain, which makes for great views, but horrific leg pains. Similar to the 80s classic movie "The Labyrinth" - minus David Bowie in Lycra pants, and substitute spiders and geckos for the traditional muppets. In the 7 days we've been here, I don't think we've gone up or down the same path twice ← no way is the same ↑ just a TON of steps → followed by MORE steps ↓
It might be nice to have a David Bowie sighting instead of a cabana boy??
"I ask for so little... Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave..." Yes David Bowie, whatever you want... God I ♥ that movie ;-) Ok... enough of I ♥ the 80s - back to reality ;-)

We had a great light dinner by the pool then watched the sunset (for the last time :-( sad) over San Juan del Sur from the patio outside the casa. Lots of talk about the fun time had and potential trips for the future. Maybe no more monkeys? I haven't been bit by any reptiles yet... how about a sea turtle adventure?

Wish you were there (wherever it will be!)

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