January 28, 2010

No Big Whoop

I woke up (well, not really... more like moved my comatose body from a bed to a car) at 4:30 this morning and slept the whole way to the airport. I had a lovely breakfast of Nicaraguan hot chocolate, a donut and a guyaba-filled pastry (good stuff!!). MC also had a guyaba-filled pastry, 2 Coca-Colas, fried chicken and french fries. Ugh. 6:30am in the Manaba International airport. :-x

I am sad to leave Nicaragua and our beautiful little casa on the hill. This was such as awesome week and we definitely worked hard AND played hard. It's funny, I never think of myself as being a New Yorker or having a New York (ahem... 'cuse me... NOO YAHK) accent. But making friends around the world definitely makes it all the more apparent that I am a New Yorker at heart. If only we saw Barbara Streisand, then I could die now! "Excuse me; I have to go die now!" I got a little verklempt at the airport in Miami when it came time to say goodbye, not usually one for tearful airport scenes, but I was definitely a little shpilkis in the genechtagazoink.

I don't need to say it again here cos I already thanked the parties involved for the awesome time and the excellent opportunity to acquire not 1 but 2 MORE monkey bites for my long list of crazy "When Animals Attack" adventures. You all know who you are, and I ♥ you all!

So before I get verklempt again, talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss.

When it comes time for the next adventure, give a call. We'll talk. No big whoop. Until then... you shoulda been there... it was like buttah....

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