January 23, 2010

Diagnosis Toe Meat

Today was an interesting day fo sho....

Yesterday (Friday) we spayed 2 monkeys (Lucy & Veronica), practiced anesthesia on another monkey and did a TB test (Roberto), and neutered 2 cats. Today (Saturday) we neutered 3 male dogs, spayed 1 female dog, spayed 4 cats and neutered 2 cats (NOT the one we are trying to catch out side the casa).

A sick dog was brought in with a tumor on his head the size of a baseball. He was very old (8, which is like 1,000 in street dog years) and had bad neurological deficits in his back legs. Yet, the most interesting "case" of the day was the sunburned hippie who wanted the vets to look at his foot wound and tell him if "he should seek medical advice" - seriously? If you think you need to have your foot looked at, and are asking a VET to tell you how bad it is, you probably need to just suck it up and go to the doctor. But I humored the guy (for KH's sake - as she gets to deal with them on a daily basis!) and looked at his foot injury. He proudly told me he just got over a case of staph infections on his leg and then he tripped and hurt his foot. He was wiggling his semi-attached toenail and telling me there was "toe meat" sticking out and he was afraid he would get a "toe meat infection". Wish I had a picture of the pre-infection toe meat trauma ;-) There was a guy on the beach last night who appeared to be the "local podiatrist" - inspecting and applying foot creams to random people on the beach. He would probably treat a toe meat infection for the price of a few cold cervazas, so in my non-medical opinion, he should probably get some Tona (Nica ale) and limp on down to the beach...

Wish I had a picture... you just had to be there ;-)

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