January 23, 2010

Pelican Eyes, Spider Monkeys

We arrived at the Pelican Eyes resort in San Juan del Sur late Thursday night - and when I say "resort" I mean RESORT! I am used to sleeping on gym floors, no hot water, blistering heat... you know, the usual. This is a picture from our front door:

Yesterday was the first (unofficial) day of clinic work. We spayed 2 spider monkeys - Lucy and Veronica - and sedated Roberto (the male) to give him a TB test and draw blood. Not a huge fan of primates going into this trip (because of this and also the capuchin monkey that bit me in Ecuador) but these guys seem OK so far. No bites and very manageable when sedated.

Primate venapuncture is a lot easier than I thought but also very unlike anything I've ever done. It felt sort of like putting a catheter in a person - a very small, hairy, thumbless person. I've learned a lot of very cool tricks about primate medicine - like putting very bright, tacky colored nail polish on their fingernails so they would have something to distract them from picking at their surgical incisions. So now I am an official primate manicure aesthetician. You pick color! More pictures of that soon :-)

Our hotel casa is at the VERY top of a very big hill. Lots of steps. I want to venture off into town and see the beach and get some good seafood, but I dread the long walk back. It's the price you pay for the view ;-)

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